A Map of the Hurtwood

map assetBelow are two maps showing the areas that are managed by the Friends of the Hurtwood, with different colour shading denoting the different land owners.

Please be aware that the Hurtwood is a natural environment with many hidden obstacles as well as man-made ditches and banks to prevent fly-tipping; you visit the Hurtwood entirely at your own risk.

As a courtesy to the local villages, please use the Hurtwood carparks. They are free and open for your use, including horse boxes.

Click on the thumbnails to download or view the maps. There is no official map showing MTB trails, but you can find out more by asking around while you're out & about on the Hurtwood.

The website and iPhone App iFootpath now has several walks around the Hurtwood up on their site. They vary in length and can be found via this link


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