The Roman Temple

The Roman Temple

Roman Temple


Farley Heath is famous for its Romano/Celtic Temple which may have marked the boundary between the land of the Regnenses of Sussex and East Surrey and the Atrebates of Hampshire.


The outer and inner walls of the temple are today marked out clearly in stone.




Victorian antiquarian Martin Tupper from Albury excavated the temple and described digging through the black mould of burnt huts and finding a green bronze ring, pottery, tiles and 1,200 coins. A 20th century professional dig sadly failed to find any more artefacts or unspoiled archaeology. There is believed to have been a Roman road branching off from Stane Street to go past the villa at Rapsley in Ewhurst, over Winterfold and on to the temple at Farley Green, so today’s walkers are following in very ancient footsteps.

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