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Newsletter Spring 2018

A wet and windy winter! It is an unfortunate coincidence that with the arrival of almost unprecedented wet winter conditions, forestry work has again been taking place on Holmbury Hill. We are assured by Shere Manor Estate that this is all part of a much needed long-term strategy to create a sustainable forest and that very soon re-roads impacted by heavy forestry equipment will be cleared of mud and restored to their previous condition.
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Newsletter Autumn 2009

A somewhat mixed summer, whether one remem- bers it as a fine or wet one probably depends on where you were for your summer holiday.
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Hurtwood Control Trust is facing significant challenges at the present time as you will all be aware. Organisations have to change and adapt; just as we have seen businesses and governments respond to the current economic conditions, Hurtwood Control must respond to the challenges that affect both the landscape it exists to protect and enhance, and the funding which it needs to support those activities.
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Spring 2011 Newsletter

As I write preparations are underway for the Annual Meeting of the Friends to be held at the Duke of Kent School. Please put this date in your diary - Tuesday 12th April. Doors open at 7pm - when you can join us for a drink and nibbles before proceedings begin at 7.30pm.
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I write to you whilst enjoying a beautiful and amazingly warm Autumn day. During the summer we received more infor- mation about the future of our long standing grants from several Local Authorities.
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Although as I write this introduction the wind is howling and temperatures are near zero, it is early spring and time to start planning for the summer months.
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Welcome to the Autumn issue of the Friends of the Hurtwood Newsletter. As you are no doubt aware, the persistent rain through the summer caused considerable disruption to the regular maintenance work that our Ranger, Mark, undertakes.
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Cometh the Spring; cometh a new tractor! The Friends of the Hurtwood have invested in a new tractor for our ranger, Mark Beaumont. Our old tractor, purchased only five years ago but 16 years old, had become a complete maintenance liability.
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Once again the summer months have flown by and what a summer to remember! Back in mid-April we wondered whether the sun would ever arrive.
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The retirement of Robin Gates, to be formally announced at the Annual Meeting of the Friends in April, marks the end of an era. Robin has made an immense contribution to the Friends having served as a Trustee for over 14 years.
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Autumn Newsletter 2014

Following the retirement of Robin Gates as a trustee, we put in place a new leadership team to replace the Friends Committee. This team, led by Trustee Alison Fortescue, has taken on the task of devising interesting events for our membership over the coming years.
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Spring Newsletter 2015

In this newsletter you will find an update from Mark about what has been happening on the Hurtwood during the winter months, an article on a new initiative with ‘Hurtwood Trails’ and the announcement of an exciting Spring Talk featuring local and internationally renowned watercolour artist Alex Creswell.
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Autumn Newsletter 2015

The most frequent question posed of us these last few months has been 'what effect will the Shere Manor Estate land sales have on public access?'
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Spring Newsletter 2016

The new landowners have agreed not to revoke the 1926 Deed which gives the public the ‘right to roam’ on their land. This arrangement was ground-breaking at the time and not without its problems!
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Hurtwood Newsletter Spring 2017

The last year for the Charity was dominated by the decision by Shere Manor Estate to sell a significant part of the Hurtwood, some 800 acres. Friends of the Hurtwood has managed public access to the Hurtwood for many decades
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Hurtwood Newsletter Winter 2017

The Hurtwood is wet and muddy underfoot again and the bracken has turned. I hope that the path and track renovations that have been undertaken during the summer months will improve the worst areas that were identified by the Walk- ers Forum following the Annual Meeting in April.
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