Questions on the Hurtwood

Why are you cutting down all the trees on the Hurtwood? Will the destroyed trails be put right?

The Hurtwood is an actively managed forestry estate and the trees are cut on rotation and will re-grow again. There is a continuous programme of thinning and felling trees on the Hurtwood managed by the Landowners. We advise all visitors to heed site notices and to be especially careful when using any trails in the vicinity of forestry operations as heavy plant and machinery may be in use. Areas of significant damage by heavy plant on the main trails will be reinstated by the Landowner’s contractors on conclusion of work.

My school/walking/riding/running/biking organisation would like to have an event on the Hurtwood. Who do we contact?

If you would like to run an event on the Hurtwood, please go to 'planning an event' on this website. Everything you need to book an event can be found in this section of the website. This is a new procedure the Friends of the Hurtwood have put in place due to the increasing number of visitors to the Hurtwood and to attempt to avoid multiple events happening at the same time. Your cooperation is appreciated.

I want to help keep the Hurtwood a wonderful place to visit; how can I help?

There are many areas where you can help. First is by becoming a Friend of the Hurtwood; you can donate on line on this site. The second way to help is with your time and effort. There are several areas where we always need help:
• Working with the ranger on a specific project
• Helping on the events committee with fundraising events.
• Getting involved in special fundraising projects

Please contact the Ranger or any of the Trustees if you'd like to volunteer.

A few car parks and areas on the Hurtwood are in need of attention; what are your plans to fix them?

The car parks are repaired and maintained on a regular basis depending on funds.  We prioritise all projects, including car park maintenance based on funding, resources and user demand.  Please contact theThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us if you see something you feel needs our immediate attention.  Thank you.

It seems like you are encouraging bikers to come and ride on the Hurtwood; why is this?

We are neither encouraging nor discouraging bikers; rather we are pioneering a new approach – which is being closely monitored at local and national levels – to manage biker activity and bring it under better control. This centres on engaging the bikers and encouraging them to volunteer to help manage the conflict with other users as well as the wear and tear they cause to the trails they ride. Many regular bikers have also become Friends. Our strategic aim is not to encourage more bikers to ride the Hurtwood, but to encourage them when they do ride here, to behave more responsively.

Why are the ponds so cloudy?

All our ponds are man-made and lined with Clay. Due to convection currents continually moving the clay around, this makes the water look cloudy.

Why can’t you put height barriers on the car parks to stop fly tippers?

This would not allow horseboxes to use the car parks.

Who is responsible for litter along the roadsides?

The local council are responsible for road side litter.

Why don’t you allow fires on the Hurtwood?

The majority of The Hurtwood lies on a Peaty soil which allows fires to spread underground. This means that even though you may have been careful and put your fire out, it can still be alight underground and spread.

Why don’t you allow camping on the Hurtwood?

There is youth hostel which allows camping on its ground right next to The Hurtwood.

Why don’t you provide litter bins?

It is generally considered that litter bins create more rubbish, especially when wild animals start to disburse all the rubbish. We would like everyone to take their rubbish home with them.

Why are mountain bikers allowed on the footpaths?

As The Hurtwood allows public access by a Deed of Dedication, this supersedes any current legislation on public ROW. This effectively means everyone is allowed everywhere unless we specifically deny it; which we have done on particular paths near the villages.

Why don’t you charge for car parking?

This would cause too many vehicles to park in the local villages, due to the lack of roadside parking restrictions.

When is the best time to visit?

Like any beauty spot, at the weekends, you will see more people, but even then there are still many quiet areas. It is not impossible to go for a walk or ride on The Hurtwood and not see anyone at all, at any time of the week.

Will there be a good view when we get to the top of the hills?

Yes, all our hills have wonderful views. On a clear day, on Holmbury Hill, you will be able to see the sea at Shoreham and turn around to see the high rise buildings of London. This view is unique to The Hurtwood.